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Welcome to e-assistant services

Feeling overwhelmed by every day administration and marketing tasks? You know how important they are but you feel your expertise could be much better utilised growing your business or you just wish you had more time to yourself. You’re in the right place! Carry on doing what you’re doing right now and take another 5 minutes to find out about us and what we’re about. Anything from just an hours one off assistance up to a more regular monthly allocation and we’ve got a package that suits you.

How often do you wish you could buy back the time you spent chasing payment for an outstanding invoice, or creating e-mail campaigns? What about the laborious, but business critical, task of cleaning your customer database? Maybe you want to arrange a customer workshop, but also have to make sure you are delivering your promises to your clients, or possibly you simply want to turn off all your distractions to allow you to complete a project? Have you worked with a temp agency and found your time being wasted with inexperienced, and expensive, temporary staff? Is it the simpler tasks of processing your orders, managing your paper work or finding new suppliers that is taking your time away from doing what you do best – the job you worked hard to be good at.

With simple payment options allowing you to control how much you pay per hour, online billing and payment functionality coupled with customer focussed shared project tools, with your own secure login, e-assistant services is the business you can trust.

If you have any questions about us or our services please feel free to contact us real-time, during office hours, using our many contactpromo2013options. On the left you will see the time where we are based. Below this is our Skype status (just click to call), our numbers and links to our Facebook page, LinkedIn details, contact form and our live chat window.

We’re just waiting to help you prioritise your time and maximise your profits.